About Hagstua

A warm welcome to Hagstua, beautifully located on Hagskaret with a fantastic hiking area.

What can you expect?

When you arrive Hagstua our friendly staff will receive you, and do their best for you to feel welcome. Either you arrive to live with us, or just visiting our facilities.

Hagstua is a great starting place for hiking trips and many other activities. Should you crave for something more advanced, we are more than glad to help you out. We have close connection to several activity operators in Lofoten, and we can help you set things up.

Finding us

There are several different ways to arrive Hagstua, it all depends on how you got to Lofoten. Most of the local population knows about Hagstua, and would be glad to give you directions .

Do you arrive by the coastal steamer “Hurtigruten” to Stamsund, can we recommend the bus from the stop next to the boat. If the boat is delayed, the bus will wait 15min from its original schedule. The bus drives past the hotel.

Do you arrive by the coastal steamer “Hurtigruten” to Svolvær, is bus the recommended choice. The bus stop is next to Svolvær city market, look for a bus marked “Leknes” or “Å i Lofoten”. You have to change bus in Leknes, to the bus marked Stamsund. Ask the driver and he will help you.

If you arrive by flight, there is no busses from the airport. You can call for a taxi, or order one from one of the taxis there.

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Hagstua has been a local icon for many years, this building was built in 1988 and is now being continuously renovated and upgraded.

Two of our cabins are built in 1994, and are well suited for summer as winter. With a small kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms they will be perfect for a small family.


What is to come?

To meet the increasing tourism to Lofoten, we are expanding.
We are planning 3 new cabins, with the possibility for more.

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