Fishing trips

With our close connection with Sjøstrand Rorbuer we are glad to offer fishing trips from Ballstad.

About the trips

The vessel “Iversen Jr.” is a 47 fot fishing boat that is used for fishing in the winter, and tourist purposes in the summer. Captain Børge Iversen has nearly 40 years of experience as a fisherman in Lofoten. .

Prices:      Adults                   –   500,-
Children u/14                         –   250,-

From 06.15.13 to 08.15.13 they offer daily trips at 02PM, from their facility in Ballstad. The trips lasts for about 3 hours.

In times with high demand, they have up to 3 trips a day, with departing times 10AM, 02PM and 06PM.
The trips goes to the best fishing fields outside Ballstad.

On request, they also offer sightseeing trips among the isles and sherries, including visits to Nusfjord.

What is included?

Fishing equipment (trolling). Børge helps with fishing gear and how this should be done.
We also have suitable space for receiving and gutting the catch.

They help gutting, filet cutting and the like. Guests keep your catch, as appropriate. they can also provide recipes for cooking your catch for supper

Apparel by weather, feel free to bring extra warm clothes as there is always a little cooler at sea

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