Justatind (738 m)

From Justatind you get a great view over Henningsvær and Vågakallen, This is a popular hiking-trip among the locals summer as winter.

From our main building you follow the clearly marked trail up to Karisteinheia, here the trail splits up left and right. Follow the right trail up to Steinheia, thereafter you walk the gentle slope to Tjørnan (several small ponds). Continue towards the ridge of the mountain, and follow the ridge up to Justatind, the last 100 meters (328 ft) are steep.

You are now situated 738m (2,421ft) above sea level, and you can see Henningsvær to the east, with its well-known lighthouse. Vågakallen stretches to 943m (3093ft) just left of Henningsvær.

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